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About us


Mystic Party Entertainment was established in 2013.


We share a united passion for sharing our mystic talents with people to guide and empower them to achieve their life goals. We love what we do ~ and our aim is that you will too! 


MPE is made up of an enthusiastic team of experienced mystics specialising in a range of metaphysical fields. Whilst we provide fun entertainment for parties we also take our services seriously and as psychics, readers and healers we realise the invaluable life guidance we can offer you. 


We look forward to together creating a unique and memorable party for you and your guests. Or working with you personally to explore your life journey ahead.


About the director

Sally-Anne is an intuitive tarot card reader and is continually expanding her spiritual knowledge. Her current interests include palm reading, symbology and numerology. Sally-Anne believes in a universal mother energy that guides us all everyday.

Sally-Anne has a career background in accounting, training and education. She is highly passionate about empowering people to be their best through exploring and learning more about themselves and the relationships they form with others.


Sally-Anne is keen to share her mystical knowledge and skills with others with an overall goal of bringing love and compassion back into the workplace and into our everyday lives.

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