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Frequently asked questions FAQs


Please call us if you have any further questions! 


Do I need to provide anything?

Yes. In most cases your mystic needs a quiet or private area allocated for readings (eg. bedroom or corner). You will also need to provide a card table (or similar) covered with a table cloth and two chairs.

What does a Mystic do?

Your mystic arrives and sets up to receive your guests one at a time. Most often they are placed in a quiet or private area. Simply allow your guests to line up and wait for the next available reading. For large events we can provide an assistant to manage your guests readings. In some cases your mystic can roam around the venue offering insights to those guests who are interested.


How long is a reading?

It depends on how many people you are catering for. For large events (over 20 guests) 5-10 min readings are appropriate. For smaller or lengthier events (10-20 guests) 10-15 minutes per guest is preferred. For intimate social gatherings (5-10 guests) 20+ minutes offer more insight for each guest. We are very happy to advise what will best suit your event.


What if I don't want to hear bad news?

We have a code of ethics at MPE. Although we cannot predetermine your reading, in a party environment our mystics intention is to focus on the more positive aspects of your story and offer insightful and empowering messages. Rest assured our mystics are not in the practice of advising of death and destruction as it has no benefit to the client. Mystics are not doctors or lawyers, health and legal advisers and therefore issues as such are best not addressed.


What does a mystic wear?

Our mystics wear smart casual clothes but if you would like to set the scene we can arrange for your mystic to come in partial or full costume. This may incur an extra fee.


Do we offer catering?

Our specialty is to provide you with talented mystics. At this time we do not offer catering but it is something we may offer in the future.


Can I take photos?

Yes of course, part of the fun and memories is to share the images with your friends. Send us a copy!



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