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Fortune telling themed party package

Learn the art of psychic reading plus a mini reading per guest, 2 hour minimum allows on average 18 - 20 guest readings within this time frame, ages 18+, hosted in your home or chosen venue, Package $420 (ex-GST)

A party workshop for those daring to explore and play with ancient oracles of fortune-telling! Open up your intuition using a variety of fascinating techniques such as pendulums, cards, runes, crystal balls, and more.


Your mystic will help you to explore and awaken your psychic abilities. In this fun-filled and mysterious workshop, you'll experience easy and interesting techniques to tap into your inner wisdom. Who knows what talents you will discover?


Contact MPE at 0416 697 842, email us or 

"Everyone was very happy with the experience, she was really impressive! Thanks again" Caitlin.


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