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MPE code of ethics


The purpose of this code is to establish and maintain standards for Mystic Party Entertainment (MPE) members ("you") and protect clients of the public seeking and using your services.


You are required to abide by this code and accept a frame of reference to manage and maintain your responsibilities to clients, colleagues and the community. The codes aim is to provide a frame work for addressing ethical issues which may arise.

• Divination is a non-exploitative.

• Its basic values being respect, integrity and without bias.

• Your role is to deliver information with the utmost respect for the client's values, personal resources and capacity for self responsibility.

• Professional behaviour.

Undertake the following:

• To uphold the integrity of MPE at all times.

• To offer helpful and ethical counsel, spiritual guidance and where appropriate, a pathway to self knowledge.

• To maintain your own effectiveness and ability to assist clients.

• To take all reasonable steps to maintain your own integrity and competence and to seek help and/or withdraw from the practice, either temporarily or permanently if necessary.


• To conduct yourself professionally at all times, in your activities, in ways which elicit public confidence in your role as a Mystic and in the work of other Mystics. It is most inappropriate and unprofessional to undermine the work of others.

• Should the need arise, you will discuss problematic readings/clients with MPE management, adhering to client confidentiality.

Public statements:

• To treat in the strictest of confidence, all personal information about clients, whether obtained directly or indirectly.

• You are responsible to ensure that any discussions about particular consultations within supervision and teaching which may take place, are held ensuring the client's identity is once again held in the strictest of confidence.

Pre-consultation information:

• Before the consultation takes place you are responsible for communicating accurately the terms on which your services are being offered (e.g., confidentiality, reading time and any other significant matters) as well as the interpretive nature of divination and that the client understands the power of their own free will.

Client protection:

• To have the well being of the client as the utmost priority.

• To endeavour to enhance the client's self understanding whilst offering some inspiration, hope and courage.

• To empower the client, i.e., to work in ways which promote the client's authority over his/her own life and own beliefs and values.

• To refrain from imposing all personal judgements and prejudices during consultations.

• To refuse services should the client be under 18.


Relations between MPE members:

• To respect, support, encourage and celebrate the pursuit of wisdom amongst colleagues.



MPE reserves the right to assess the professional behaviour of members when called to question. See members terms for more information.


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