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Palm readers (Palmists)

The palm is a fascinating and unique blueprint for your life’s journey.


Palmistry is the art of reading the lines, marks, fingers, size and shape of the hand. It is used to gain access to information not only about future trends, but also issues such as relationships, children, work, money and travel, to name a few.


Your Mystic will simply take your hand and read from your unique palm map offering you a sneak peek into your personality and events.


Palm readers are also a popular addition to pamper parties. Think manicures, pedicures with a touch of mystique, now that will keep the conversation rolling for all the girls.


Palmistry is an incredibly accurate tool for self awareness, book an entertainer for a mystical touch to your next party or a private appointment to delve deep into your past, present and future. Call 0416 697 842, email us or

Mystic entertainers

FLAT RATE $210 (ex-GST) per Hour per Mystic for a minimum 2-hour hire
Choose your mystic!


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