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Tarot card readers


If you are seeking guidance and direction in relation to a situation in your life or if you would appreciate divine insight, a tarot reader can use the cards to help you to find clarity and perspective.


Your tarot reader will ask you to shuffle the cards to impart your energy into the deck. Cards are then laid out in a certain formation (spread) then each one is turned to reveal a message. In a party environment each guest will receive a tarot teaser, a glimpse into their personality, life situation and/or near future.

Book a Tarot reader entertainer for a mystical touch to your next party or a 1hr appointment to delve deep into your past, present and future. 

Call 0416 697 842, email us or 

Mystic entertainers

FLAT RATE $210 (ex-GST) per Hour per Mystic for a minimum 2-hour hire
Choose your mystic!


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