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Engage an astrologer to look at the movement and relationship between the planets and see how their positions and interactions influence your personality, relationships, life choices, as well as past, present and future events.


Three key components in a natal chart are the sun (your star sign) representing your essential nature, the moon representing your subconscious, emotional life and memories and the ascendant or rising sign which is your mask or how you are perceived by others.


All these together, offer great insight into why you do the things you do! Your astrologer will ask you for your birth date and in a private reading, for the greatest accuracy, location and the time of birth.


Interested in a comprehensive chart reading? Book a 1 hour appointment with an experienced astrologer and walk away empowered with the knowledge gained about yourself. Call 0416 697 842, email us or

Mystic entertainers

FLAT RATE $210 (ex-GST) per Hour per Mystic for a minimum 2-hour hire.
Choose your mystic!


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