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Psychics and mediums

Psychics and clairvoyants use their natural talent to tap into extra sensory abilities. Mystics often have the ability to see things beyond our usual senses or perceptions. Each mystic specialises in one or more talents using a variety of tools to enhance their connection.


Mediums are here to communicate a message from passed over loved ones, which can be a profound emotional experience. We have a team of trained mediums who you can trust. Be it a platform show, a demonstration with a small group of family and friends or simply a one-on-one session, we can arrange it for you. Please note mediums are not suitable for mini party readings.


Each will offer you empowering guidance which is helpful and relevant to your life.


Mystics use a range of tools (such as cards, photos, jewellery) for readings. If you have a special request in mind (e.g. crystal ball) please call us to discuss your needs on 0416 697 842, email us or  

Mystic entertainers

FLAT RATE $210 (ex-GST) per Hour per Mystic for a minimum 2-hour hire.
Choose your mystic!


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