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Experience a private reading for amazing in-depth guidance


Our mystics are accuracy tested and personally selected so you get the best of the best!


We know it can be difficult to find genuine psychics, readers and healers for personal guidance, that's why we also offer private appointments with our team of experts that come to you.


Perhaps you've had a sneak peek into your future at a mystic party and want to delve deeper into your situation? Maybe you need clarity on relationships or career? Whatever your needs your mystic will spend an informative one hour with you in your own home, over the phone or via Skype.


At MPE we know life often presents us with challenges and you can be sure you will leave your appointment feeling enlightened, energised and empowered. For a unique and personal gift idea enquire about our gift vouchers.


Reconnect with a private healing session for mind body spirit balance

Are you in need of a nurturing healing treatment to reconnect and find balance within?


Many people have discovered the wonderful benefits of healing when working with energy. How reconnecting with your life force is so important and allows for full integration of mind body and spirit. Using a technique with simply your hands such as Reiki or to the use of colour or crystals there are a variety of ways to balance your Chakras (main energy vortexes) and open up.


Experiencing an energy healing session is like taking time out just for you and resting whilst your mystic facilitates the process. Your body will take what is needs, it is very clever! Often a mystic will pick up on areas of trouble both physical and or mental and be guided to work on those areas or discuss them with you. It is more than a massage! Try it today and you’ll never look back.



We don’t just send anyone out to you, we take the time to talk to you to find out exactly what your are looking for. So call us today and take that initial step to get back on track be it in your mind, body or spirit.


Our mystics have their own set rates, so fees vary. Enquire today and call 0416 697 842, email us or 



Why have a reading?

  • Readings can be powerful and insightful

  • Offers guidance in your life

  • Brings your unconscious to the surface

  • No death and destruction

  • You won't be told what to do

  • Likely outcomes are given based on your current state of mind

  • Using your new awareness you can change a new outcome if you wish.

Why have a healing?
  • Can bring balance and peace

  • Hands-on heat

  • Take time out to nurture your system

  • Speed up recovery

  • Eliminate stagnant energy

  • Get back into the flow


Why not combine a reading with a healing!

Private appointment services:


Psychics and mediums

Energy reading and spirit communication.

Psychics tap into your energy, into your aura and read your feelings, images, hopes and dreams. Mediums have the ability to make contact with passed over loved ones so as to reassure you that their spirit lives on.


Tarot card, Lenormand, Angel card readers

Cards are colourful and fun to interact with.

Card readers use the pictures and symbols within their deck to highlight areas of concern. It is an ancient language that has been used for centuries. Working with their intuition or with spirit friends such as Angels, cards are the most popular oracle to use.


Palm readers

Your palm is a map of your mind.

Palm readers have the ability to read the lines in your palm to discover talents, obstacles and life events. Find your life purpose in your hands and see if you are living to your full potential. 



Spiritual healing, crystal healing, energy healing.

Healers are naturally called to help people but the art of healing is open to everyone. Spiritual healing facilitates the movement of energy throughout your body whether it be bringing hidden emotions to the surface or simply unblocking dense energy. 


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