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Palmistry themed party package


Learn the art of palmistry plus a mini reading per guest,2 hour minimum allows on average 18 - 20 guest readings within this time frame, ages 18+, hosted in your home or chosen venue, Package $420 (ex-GST)


If you're looking to unite your group or party guests then there is no better way than to partake in a palmistry party workshop!


Learn a little about each other when your mystic reveals her secrets by reading the major lines of your palms. Gain knowledge and insight into your life, love, and career. This 'hands-on' workshop is perfect for a fun-filled and intriguing afternoon or evening event in your own home or at a venue.


After your workshop, your mystic will whisk you away one at a time for a private mini-reading.


Contact MPE at 0416 697 842, email us or

"Our mystic was lovely, she showed up on time and stayed the duration of 3 hours. She was very approachable and the girls really enjoyed her readings." Anette


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